Download our Free Mobile App

If you have not yet enrolled for our Internet Banking just click on the Internet Banking link on our home page and complete the enrollment process.

Once you have enrolled or if you are already enrolled and using our Internet Banking, just complete the following steps: 

Simply go to Google Play or the App Store on your device, search for and download the fsbrmobile App.  

Once the new Mobile App is downloaded, you will use your current Online banking User ID and Password the first time you login and then will assigned yourself a 4 digit passcode for future use with the app. 

If at any time you need assistance please contact one of our customer service representatives and we will be more than happy to help you get started. Call us at 402-337-0323 or stop by our office located at 102 E Broadway Randolph, NE. 

Please note if your current online User ID or password contain special characters other than the following you may need to change your User ID or password on the online banking site before proceeding with the mobility enrollment process. 

Acceptable User ID special characters are:            ! @ -_ \ & ’ ; : ( ) / ? = 

Acceptable Password special characters are:        ` & { } [ ] \ < / > , . * ? ! @ # $ % ^ () - _ + = ~ : ; “ 

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new service and look forward to hearing from you!  

Mobile Banking Agreement