FSB Staff/Directors

The success of any organization begins with the people who are directly involved with that organization. First State Bank is very proud to have such an impressive group of experienced, knowledgeable, and local staff members that are committed to serving their friends and neighbors with fast, efficient, and friendly service. 

First State Bank Officers and Employees

Mark Linville, Chairman and President
Don Backer, Vice President - Cashier
Sandra Burbach, Assistant Cashier
Sandy Owens, Vice President
Melissa S. Engel, Loan Officer
Vicki Bermel, Administrative Assistant
Theresa Lange, Teller
Christie Larsen, Bookkeeping
Patricia Thelen, Teller

First State Bank Board of Directors

Susan Kollars
Neil Lackas
Mark Linville
Patricia Verzani
Sandy Owens
Bradley Bargstadt

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